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Electronic Music’s new evolution “AKYLLA” was formed after combining the super-powers of performers Sherry St.Germain and Saratonin. Birthed in an ice-cave a few miles south of the North Pole (aka Canada) the new AKYLLA started to take shape…

Months of relentless focus followed as these 2 artists began harvesting the sounds of the universe and breathing life into a project that the world had not experienced... until now.

Countless hours in the studio refining production and vocals created 100% by these 2 ladies brought forth a style that hits hard while triggering deep emotion with melodic mastery. Their intense, high-energy live show is a brilliant spectacle that must be seen.

As AKYLLA hits the stage, the crowd is instantly injected with a dose of jaw-dropping beats combining high level DJing infused with Live Keys, Vocals and on point finger drumming. If you’re going to see Akylla live, get ready for a journey you WILL remember.

Sherry & Sara have collaborated with some of the most legendary names in Electronic music such as: Steve Aoki, Excision, as well as played some of the biggest and most popular venues & festivals in the world including: Tomorrowland (Belgium), Shambhala (Nelson, British Columbia), Kaboo (San Diego, California), Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, Nevada), Envision (Costa Rica), Skyway theatre & Myth (Minneapolis/St.Paul) The Palms (Las Vegas) and More!



Sherry St. Germain - a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, veteran producer and prodigy singer/songwriter.

Published and supported by Nettwerk One and Milk Music Co.- She has written and produced for many successful Major Film and TV placements. Known for her ability to create that perfect placement, Sherry is sought after for her extreme talent & catalogue of music.

In studio sessions, Sherry’s production, songwriting and vocal skills create elite-level music that is acclaimed worldwide.

Born into a family of professional musicians, it was in her blood to create music. Since the age of 5, Sherry began to sing & play, taking a big interest in music. Blessed with a highly tuned ear, she quickly discovered and developed her talent into something profound.

Sherry entered competitions at a young age where she would beat out even her teachers in composition contests. Winning many awards, she showed everyone that her path was to follow in the footsteps of her talented (and famous) parents Glory St.Germain (ARCT, UMTC, Author of world-renowned Ultimate Music Theory series) & Ray St. Germain (Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame & Radio and Television Star)

In 2009 Sherry’s album “Kick out the Lights” (Co- produced with Ben Kaplan. ) was featured in Billboard Magazine naming Sherry as Best upcoming Artist. Her song “If this is love, I hate it” was picked up by Slice Tv’s show “The Mistress” as it's theme song. Her songs have also been featured on the shows Nashville, movie Magic Mike, just to name a few.

Sherry was then asked to perform with Cirque Du Soleil in their "Viva Elvis" production. In Las Vegas, she began performing 2 shows daily for the next 3 years. She was then asked to do a residency at The Palms lounge and it quickly became a must see among the “who’s who” of Las Vegas elite. Each night was a new experience and a full crowd of famous musicians supporting her such as; Frankie Moreno, Elton’s John’s band, Mike Reno of "Loverboy", and many more.

Sherry has also worked with Steve Aoki, Revolvr and Stiletto, and a few famous “mystery men” that must remain anonymous.

Sherry is now focused on her collaboration project with Saratonin “AKYLLA” and hopes to see you at a show soon!


A respected artist in the electronic music scene, DJ Saratonin has seduced crowds across North America for over a decade.

Growing up in a musical family from Calgary, Canadian born Saratonin became fascinated with the live stage at a very young age. Bursting onto the scene with live vocals over Drum and Bass in 1999, the striking songstress grew with the electronic music scene and evolved into the explosive artist she is today.

Her vocals have been featured on tracks with some very big talent such as Liquid Stranger, Stylust Beats, and Knight Riderz.

A writer of her own lyrics and melodies, Saratonin understands the complex structures of EDM making her even more prolific as a DJ.

Having learned the skills of a master Dj with records back in “the old rave days”, her knowledge is vast, and that experience shines right through her sets and into the hearts of her audience. Her past performances brought a set of original live vocals over her own DJ set, which included vocal collaborations with some of the most talented producers in the industry. At the end of 2013 Saratonin released tracks with Stylust Beats (out on Play Me Records), and two features on Liquid Stranger’s album (Interchill Records).

Now, this badass babe brings her talents and excitement to the partnership with Sherry St.Germain. She is fired up for their new project AKYLLA, and will be bringing her divine DJ drops to a stage near you… stay tuned.